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Pia flight crash|Pakistan Plane Crash: PIA Flight Crashes In Karachi

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Pakistan plane crash: At least seven survivors after ...

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There was no official word on the number of casualties, but Pakistan's leader tweeted condolences to the families of the deceased. .Officials said there were at least two survivors from the plane, that it was unknown how many people on the ground were hurt, and that at least five houses were destroyed.The plane had logged 47,100 flight hours and 25,860 flights before Friday, according to figures from Airbus.

Earlier, Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar initially had said all aboard died, but two civil aviation officials later said that at least two people survived the crash- PTI reported. .The city's mayor, Waseem Akhtar, said that there had been no onboard survivors, but one passenger was reported as having been contactable by his family after the crash, according to Al Jazeera.The plane's black box, which contains cockpit audio recordings and technical flight data, has been recovered by investigators.

Horrific video footage shows black smoke filling the area where Flight PK8303 went down. .Please refresh the page regularly to get the latest updates.There are no indications yet as to what caused the crash, but it appears PIA flight PK-8303 took off from Lahore's Allama Iqbal International Airport and was four kilometres short of Karachi, its destination, when it came down.

[COAS] Shares grief of bereaved families in this difficult time.All my prayers are with the families.Under international aviation rules the country in which the incident took place leads the investigation while the government from the nation where the aircraft was manufactured, as well as that company, also participate.

A video shared online by Pakistan's GEO TV showed an emergency crew trying to reach the scene through rubble, with flames still visible in the background.

Pakistan plane crash: At least seven survivors after ...

I couldn’t see any people just hear their screams."We at Airbus are deeply saddened by the tragic news of flight #PK8303," tweeted Executive Director Guillaume Faury.Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles.

Our heart goes out to all families of onboard passengers of the ill-fated PIA plane that just crashed close to Karachi Airport.Video footage of the crash scene from GEO TV showed emergency teams trying to reach the scene amid rubble, clouds of black smoke and flames in the background.This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.

Footage taken from the scene showed a woman crying as she was helped to safety by another woman and one man being helped by a passer-by as he limped through the cordon.

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Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted: "Shocked & saddened by the PIA crash..Pakistan officials said the plane had 91 passengers and seven crew members on board, revising earlier statements from airport officials.The death toll was confirmed by Sindh Health Department officials quoted by Dawn, at the time of this report.

It is being reported the aircraft crashed into as many as five residential addresses near to the airport.Witnesses told Associated Press that the Airbus A320 appeared to attempt to land two or three times before crashing in a residential area near Jinnah International Airport.An unknown amount of people on board were killed, and 25 or 30 people on the ground were injured.

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft with more than 90 passengers and eight crew members on board crashed in a residential area near Jinnah International Airport earlier in the day.

Pakistan plane crash: 'Final tragic moments' of doomed jet ...

Pakistan's domestic travel is busier than usual at the moment as many try to get home to spend Eid this weekend with family members.Late on Friday night, Sindh information minister Nasir Hussain Shah said that rescue efforts were still under way.Mr Khokhar added that the aircraft was an Airbus A320 and was en route to Karachi.

They were all from the ground, no (plane) passengers have been brought here, she said.As darkness fell, crews worked under floodlights, and a portable morgue was set up.Minister of Health & Population Welfare of that country has already declared an emergency in all the hospitals of Karachi. .

In Pakistan's most recent deadly crash, 47 people died when a PIA jet smashed into a mountainside in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province in 2016.The airport in Lahore, where the Pakistan International Airlines flight originated on Friday, initially said there were 107 people on board.

Local media said houses were damaged and that the army's Quick Reaction Force arrived at the crash site to assist with rescue efforts.Update #PIA Incident: Pak Army Aviation helicopters flown for damage assessment and rescue efforts. Urban Search & Rescue Teams are being sent on-site for rescue efforts, DG ISPR, Pakistan Army's official handle said in a tweet. .All I could see was fire.

"We are proceeding direct, sir - we have lost engine," a pilot said.On the plane crash site, the officials of rescue teams and Pakistani armed forces have continued rescue activities. Engineers and medical staff members are also present at the locality to assist the rescue workers for removing the debris.25 residents of the area, injured in the crash, have been reportedly taken to hospitals.Pakistan plane crash: At least seven survivors after.

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